Detroiters Are Falling Victim to More and More Squatters

Detroit woman victimized by squatters and some were her neighbors.

The recession along with predatory lending has forced a lot of people out of their homes.  But, it’s such an epidemic across the country that the ex-homeowners become squatters in their own homes just to have someone where to live. But, others have joined in on the squatting that have absolutely no affiliation with the homes.

Detroit’s problem with squatters is intensifying as more and more homeowners lose their homes…or go out of town for a while. One woman on the westside of Detroit complained to Fox Detroit that her house was full of squatters when she came back to her home after being out of town for a few months. It turns out that a couple of the people in her home were her own neighbors.

The reporter from Fox Detroit is obviously the resident ‘hood reporter.  She reported the incident saying:

“Last night, the lady of this house came home to one hell-of-a surprise. There was one heck of a party in her pad. But she didn’t get an invite.  Three men had helped themselves to all of her gin and her Seagram’s happy juice.  And these cats went crazy! They cooked up all her food, crab legs, shrimp! The even had a bird in the oven!  Can you believe it?  And while they were fixing their feast, they were high as a kite on the Chronic.  Bold, huh?”

Woman's neighbor says that "If you're a homeowner...don't leave your home abandoned...we will come in there and squat..."

That’s Fox Detroit news reportin’, baby?! But the Fox reporter also interviewed the woman’s neighbors and/or family members of the suspects.  One guy said:

“If you’re a homeowner, rentin’ a property or whatever, you don’t leave your home abandoned for 3, 4 months. This is Detroit, Michigan. This the hungry capitol of the world and we will come in there and squat in your house if you not home.”

The homeowner didn’t want to be interviewed on camera, but told Fox that her house was a “hot mess” and that she’s looking for somewhere else to stay.

Check out the report.

-J.C. Brooks

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