Jokey Joke: Baby Can Sleep Through Anything…But Her Song! (Video)

Baby Amaya can sleep through anything, but her song!

Music can bring out emotions in a person that you never thought imaginable; maybe even uncharacteristic for that person.  The rhythms are almost magical.  Maybe that’s why they say it’s important to play good music for babies in the womb.

Well, one family had to show the world their baby girl, Amaya, and the effect that music has on her.  But not just any type of music…her song!  According to the post on YouTube, she can sleep through anything, except that. The posting reads:

Published on Feb 5, 2013

“Fast asleep on a little car ride, she can sleep thru anything…anything but her favorite song! Enjoy! 🙂
EDIT:Yes, this is the original. I posted it on Facebook first and someone snitched it from there and posted it on YouTube. So I decided to post it here so if anyone was going to get credit for it, it might as well be the one who made it! Either way I’m having fun watching all the attention its gotten…and for me the best part about it is that my daughters got to make a lot of people smile and laugh…HOW COOL IS THAT!”

But, they don’t ask you to trust them, they recorded her sleeping and turned on the popular song (which we’ll keep secret as a surprise for you).  She’s nodding pretty good until the song plays…then, alllll her dance moves come out at the same time!  But another surprise in the video, is that you may find that the little girl sitting next to Amaya, probably her sister, is equally hilarious with her infectious laughter.

Check her out! Priceless!

-J.C. Brooks

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