Facebook Refuses to Drop Racist Post of Chimp as Black Child

Racists are everywhere and their words, photos, and other foolishness is popping up everywhere.  They’ve posted pictures of our President and the First Lady comparing them to monkeys and other disgusting things and it seems there’s been little to no penalty because of the abuse of our First Amendment rights.

Maybe Facebook is giving the racists the same pass.  A foul picture of a chimp crawling with a white baby and comparing the chimp to a black child popped up on the site as a part of a fan page called “Laughing so hard you feel a six pack coming on”.

The caption is unmistakably racist and obviously, with the site’s name, it is meant to be funny…but it’s far from humorous.  Initially, someone may mistake what they’re seeing because of the photo’s caption:

“STOP RACISM…black children and white children are the same.”

According to Clutch magazine, some Facebook members reported the posting as “hate speech”, but Facebook saw it a little differently. They thanked them for their report, but stated that it didn’t violate their “community standard on hate speech.”

Something is very wrong with Facebook’s interpretation.  Check out the report here and tell us what you think.  Some have already started a petition on Change.org to that demands “Facebook take action against offensive and racist posts published under the guise of humor.”

-J.C. Brooks

2 thoughts on “Facebook Refuses to Drop Racist Post of Chimp as Black Child”

  1. Freedom of speech is not about allowing what pleases yourself. There is feeedom of speech when things that offend criticise and annoy you are allowed.

  2. Trying to ban what you don’t want to hear is repressive and authoritarian, it goes against the others’ freedom. It makes you worse than the person who made an offensive ( to you at least) comment.

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