First Line of Lingerie Debuts for Transgender Women

The Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) community has their share of problems in mainstream society, but one problem can be checked off the list for transgender women…lingerie.

The Chrysalis line of lingerie has been developed for the transgender women by transgender women.  According to The Daily Beast, the lingerie line, while it has been in existence since summer 2011, it will fully relaunch the line in May of this year.

The lingerie line was developed by Cy Lauz, an interior designer and fashion stylist, who made his transition into a woman in 2006, found a lack of undergarments that supported that transition. Lauz collaborated with Simone Tobias, who was also a transwoman, but also a creative director for a menswear company.

The Chrysalis website describes the vision for the line as:

“Chrysalis came about to alleviate a primary stress and issue for Transgender Women.  In the greater scope, Chrysalis was created to help change the dehumanizing stereotypes and biases we are subjected to as a group and community…

As a brand, Chrysalis takes Transgender Women beyond the marginalization imposed by the media and society and represents them as beautiful intelligent women with prowess and the embodiment of feminine sensuality.”

The brand’s Basics Collection of bra and panty sets will offer an array of hues: black, nude, chocolate, burgundy and plum. The bra is made to accommodate full-cup silicone inserts, and the panty called a “T-string,” supports the tuck and lift of the “venis.” That term was coined by Lauz to define a woman penis.

The line is sure to be successful as the two are filling an untouched void in the fashion world.  Lauz and Tobias proclaim their lingerie as the first lingerie line designed for and by transgender women.

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-J.C. Brooks

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