British Woman Goes Nuts On Nigerian Student Waiting in ER with Her (Video)

Unidentified British woman screams at Nigerian student because she's seeking medical care.

Most racists would tell you they believe that they are entitled to services that others should either wait in line behind them to receive or not receive them at all.  And some are quite vocal and/or active with their beliefs.

According to the Daily Mail, in Suffolk, England, an unidentified British woman walked over to Nigerian student Gina Thompson, 23, and her 21-year-old Spanish friend in the emergency room at Ipswich Hospital and asked them where they were from.  She didn’t seem to be wrapped too tight when she asked, so Thompson was right to ask her, “Why does it matter where I’m from?”  That’s right girl! Don’t talk to strangers. Especially those from the loony bin.

Well her friend told her she was from Spain, but she started to scream, rant and go into a racist tirade toward Thompson because she felt that they had no right to be there. According to the cell phone footage possibly recorded by Thompson, she responded saying:

“Because we are paying taxes for you a**holes and we are going down in this crisis!” Thompson told her not to call her that and she said, “You sitting over here pleading poverty and I am not well!”

Well that much was evident.  Thompson and her friend, although shocked and incensed, giggled nervously as they, as well as at least 20 others, witnessed her insane rant.  The police eventually come and address the situation, but the woman obviously lost her marbles.

In the Daily Mail report Thompson said:

“I was so embarrassed and I couldn’t do anything because I was stuck in the situation, so we just had to laugh about it. All the attention was on us.

She said I’ve come here to claim poverty. That’s not true. I’m an international student and I pay £13,000 a year in tuition fees. My friend is a student here from Spain.”

The woman was charged taken away by nurses, paramedics, and security guards.  A Suffolk Constabulary spokesman said that “she has been charged with assault on a police officer, two counts of racially aggravated assault and two charges of assault. So, five charges altogether.”

Check it out!

-J.C. Brooks

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