Mom’s Six-Year-Old Daughter Steals Car to Go See Dad (Video)

A six-year-old girl drives off in her mom's BMW to see her dad.

A child’s love for their parent is unparalleled and one child has risked her life and limb–and others–to prove it.

A Pittsburgh neighborhood was shocked and unsettled by a six-year-old girl barreling down their streets driving her mom’s BMW Sunday morning.  She hit several parked cars before hitting a pole in the back area of someone’s yard in her Lawrenceville community.

The child was trying to make it to her Dad in the Garfield neighborhood which is the next neighborhood over from her own.  The neighbors couldn’t believe what they were seeing and the girl’s mother was totally unaware of her daughter’s dangerous shenanigans as she was fast asleep when she snatched her keys.

Her father came to the scene where the girl crashed the vehicle.  Luckily, the girl nor anyone else, was hurt.  Watch the unbelievable report.  She might have to move in with dad…at least until her mom calms down.

-J.C. Brooks

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