California Church School Closes Behind Sex Scandal Involving Children (Video)

First Lutheran Church of Carson and School will be closing after parents found that the children were having oral sex with each other.

There is no way to explain some of the things that are going on in this world. The children are under attack from adults and now they have to watch one another.

First Lutheran Church of Carson and School is closing after the news broke over a sex scandal at the Carson, California school by local ABC affiliate, channel 7, Friday.  The story involves four and five-year-olds having oral sex regularly in the classroom, on the playground, and in the bathrooms.

A five-year-old girl was removed from the school after parents learned that she had performed oral sex on two four-year-old boys.  Her mother was upset and shocked at her daughter’s actions and asked her where she saw such a thing.  The child explained that she had seen another girl in her school do it “during nap time.”

Richard McCarthy is a father of one of the 4-year-old boy and he is afraid to send him to another school for fear he’s now trying to find that feeling again.  He feels he’s been made into a “predator.”  The girl was removed from the school in October, and placed in a public school where her mother says she’s doing better.

McCarthy enlisted attorney Gary Owens to represent him in a lawsuit against the school.  Other parents have already joined the lawsuit against the school because they believe it boils down to a lack of supervision over the children.  There was an incident on the children’s playground and a couple were discovered inside the tunnel slide performing oral sex.

Where did all of this begin?  The lack of supervision is indeed a factor, but who showed them that this act was okay and how can it go on repeatedly without the faculty being aware?  The school told ABC, that there’s no truth to the school closing over the sex scandal, but the director of the school is leaving for “personal reasons” and they can’t find anyone to replace the director.

Check out the reports.  The mother of the little girl who was only identified as Jane Doe agreed to speak with ABC and gave them as much information about her daughter as she could.

-J.C. Brooks

Mother speaks about her daughter:

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