Bizarro News: Woman Allows Boyfriend to Tatt His Name Across Her Face (Video)

A woman who goes by Lesya before she had her face tatted by her 24-hour boyfriend, tattoo artist Ruslin Toumaniantz.

P.T. Barnum didn’t realize he’d be considered a prophet after he let the world in on the little secret that there’s a sucker born every minute.  But after nearly a century it is still rings true as a bell.

How else can you explain a woman meeting a man, then 24 hours later allowing him to tattoo his name across her face.  And not just a little swirly letter, near the neck or along the jawline deal. Nope! He went all out with 5-inch gothic print across her face.

Lesya with her new tatt of 24-hour boyfriend Ryslan's name on her face.

It’s obvious the woman only known as Lesya, is in love with tattoo artist Ruslin Toumaniantz, after dedicating her undying love–and face–to him through this insane declaration.  I wonder if she realizes that last year, he tatted an 18-year-old girl’s entire face with stars when she fell asleep in his Belgium studio.  Yes…she’s notified authorities and has been through laser treatments trying to get it removed.

Lesya also allowed him to write “All For Love” over one eyebrow.  Why didn’t you allow him to write FOOL across your forehead?  That seems just as appropriate as the others.

Check out the Huffington Post report.

-J.C. Brooks

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