Walmart Shopper Opens Fire on Shoplifter to Stop Him (Video)

Vehicle of shoplifter Eddie McGee, after shopper Jose Martinez finished filling it with holes.

Some of us can be some real Nosey Nancy’s.  We step in sometimes when we should let authorities handle the problem.

Well, Walmart is probably having mixed feelings this morning on the latest crime thwarted in their Orange County, Florida, store. Shopper, Jose Martinez, 35, shot at shopflifter Eddie McGee as he tried to make his way out of the store while Loss Prevention officers pursued him.  McGee pushed a woman down and Martinez opened fire as he chased McGee to his car.  He shot several holes into the vehicle as well as taking out the back window, according to local NBC affiliate WESH. Continue reading

BHM Spotlight: McGill Brothers Make Musical History (Video)

McGill brothers, Demarre and Anthony, make musical history through the nation's orchestras.

When a child realizes their passion at a young age and has it supported it makes for a magical outcome.

The McGill brothers, Demarre and Anthony, are living proof of that magic. They hail from the South side of Chicago, ironically known for its horrific crimes but also its musical superstars like Common, Kanye West, Jennifer Hudson and now the McGill Brothers.

The brothers started their careers with the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra, but since then, they have played in orchestras all over the country.  That accomplishment is rare indeed with only four percent of the nation’s orchestras consisting of African Americans or Latinos.  Now Anthony McGill serves as the principal clarinet of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra in New York City and older brother Demarre serves as principle flute of the Seattle Symphony, according to the Grio.  But beyond their impressive positions, they have an incredible list of musical accomplishments Continue reading

Keith Ellison Calls Sean Hannity ‘Worst Excuse for a Journalist’

Sean Hannity and Rep. Keith Ellison go at it over the sequester and ethics.

The Fox News channel is known for their hidden racist agenda and not so subtle conservative viewpoints on the President.  They constantly attack his administration and now that we’re at the brink of sequestering funds from the budget that could harm social services to the poor and elderly throughout the country, more than ever, Fox is on the move with ridiculous rhetoric against the Obama administration.

Notorious conservative and Fox News personality Sean Hannity made a wrong bet when trying to score points off Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minnesota), by inviting him on his show as he attacked President Obama. Ellison is the first Muslim elected to Congress and the first African American representing Minnesota.  Both Hannity as well as Ellison should’ve been able to guess the outcome of this explosive mixture. Continue reading

Pandora Introduces Limit on Free Content to Mobile Users

Often on social media sites, we see folks posting their favorite music that they’re listening to, but that may soon change if they don’t fork over the dollars.

Pandora has been the favorite music site for a lot of us because they play the hits with just a few interruptions from their sponsors.  But some may not like the new change they are making to limit the free music to just 40 hours per month for mobile users. If a customer uses up their 40 hours, then all they have to do is pay 99 cents to go unlimited for the rest of the month, according to the Wall Street Journal. Continue reading

New iPhone Social Media Site ‘Pheed’ is the New Facebook for Teens

Facebook and Twitter finally have some competition for their millions of members …real competition.

Teenagers are taking to a new iPhone app called Pheed like a fish to water.  The site was launched in November and it can now boast over a million members. It’s kicked Facebook and Twitter out of the top spots for social media sites, according to USA Today. Continue reading

L.A. Hotel Guests Used and Drank Water from Tank with Corpse In it

Elisa Lam, 21, went missing from Canada and was found later in the hotel's water supply stored in one of four rooftop cisterns.

A lot of us have stayed in hotels and have had horrible experiences that range from dirty bed sheets and/or bed bugs to non-existent or thieving housekeepers.  Whatever your experience has been, it’s going to be hard to top this one.

British tourists Michael Baugh and his wife were staying at the Cecil Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, when they started having problems with the water pressure.  They said that the water “only trickled for days as they brushed their teeth, showered and drank from the taps.” Continue reading

Jokey Joke: Big Rat in the Dressing Room Prank (Video)

TV show sends fake rat in the dressing room with a woman who runs out of there as soon as it gets in.

Women readily admit that they do not do mice.  They will jump up on a couch, a chair, a person, anything that will get them above the disease-ridden menaces scrambling around their floors.

It appears that a spanish-speaking TV show is aware of the fear of the filthy things, so they pranked innocent people with the fattest, phoniest, rat they could find.  The producers figured it would be worth TV gold to surprise people with a rat while they are trying on clothes in a mall store. Continue reading

FINALLY! ‘The Real Real Real Harlem Shake!’ (Video)

A dance crew finally takes back The Harlem Shake.

With all the Harlem Shake meme’s we’ve had the unique pleasure of viewing, there is probably not one video where you can find three or more people in the video actually doing the Harlem Shake.

But finally, we have found a dance crew who demonstrates an authentic Harlem Shake.  The dancers all give a version of the Harlem Shake, but they also add some moves that are unique.  It’s obvious that they are true street dancers because they bring it, baby! Continue reading