Woman Receives Reprieve Hours Before Death Chamber

Kimberly McCarthy, 51, is a convicted murderer who received a reprieve hours before death chamber.

There have been a few people convicted of crimes that have garnered nationwide support to either release them from jail or have them removed from death row…not this time.

In 1997, Kimberly McCarthy, 51, was accused of killing her neighbor Dorothy Booth, a 71-year-old retired college psychology professor in Lancaster, Texas, approximately 15 miles outside Dallas.  Of 12 jury members, 11 of McCarthy’s jury were white.  Now her lawyers are trying to prove that her predominantly white jury was “improperly selected on the basis of race.”

Initially, Dallas County prosecutors contested the motion to reschedule, but then chose not to appeal the ruling.  If nothing comes of the investigation into the jury selection her fate will go as scheduled on April 3. The former nursing home therapist was addicted to crack at the time of the murder.  She asked Booth for sugar, and when she agreed to give it to her, she attacked the woman with a candelabra and a butcher knife.  She even cut her finger off to get her wedding ring.  And she was her THIRD victim.

According to the Huffington Post, she showed little reaction to the news:

“I’m happy right now over that,” she told prison agency spokesman John Hurt. “There’s still work to be done on my case.”

Our question is, if she committed the crime and they prove discrimination was indeed a factor in selecting the jury, what happens then?  She’s removed from death row? And what “work” is she referring to that needs to be done on her case? Texas is the most hardcore death penalty state in the U.S.  It’s unbelievable that she was allowed such leniency in Republican country.  Good luck with that!

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-J.C. Brooks

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