George Zimmerman Seeks Delay of Murder Trial

George Zimmerman requests a delay of his second-degree murder trial.

The Trayvon Martin murder trial for George Zimmerman is closing in and set to begin in June…if George Zimmerman doesn’t get his way.

George Zimmerman is asking that his trial be delayed because he’s running out of money and his attorney needs more time to investigate the claims against him. So, his lead attorney Mark O’Mara, has filed a motion to have the second-degree murder trial delayed from June to November, according to the Huffington Post.

O’Mara said:

“The state has virtually unlimited resources to prosecute George,” O’Mara said on Zimmerman’s defense fund website. “To finance his defense, however, George relies on the generosity of individuals who believe he is innocent.”

Are you kidding me? C’MON SON! There is no delaying a case simply because you don’t have the money for your attorney!  Ever heard of a public defender?  The community I come from has to use them all the time because of lack of funds for a real attorney.  And also, George Zimmerman was released on $1 million bond! If he can pay his minimum bond requirement, then the case should proceed as scheduled.

This case has been dragged out long enough!  Trayvon Martin was murdered February 26, 2012, and it’s time his parents get the opportunity to lay their child to rest with the completion of this trial.

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-J.C. Brooks

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