Atlanta Store Guard Tasers Screaming Woman in Front of Her Kids (Video)

Atlanta women verbally attack guard outside a store because he yelled at their children.

Those who are employed to work with the general public have positions that only some people can effectively perform.  But when it seems that poor judgment is used while performing their duties, there’s always controversy.

A disturbing YouTube video that is circulating Facebook shows a man in an altercation with two women outside a store.  The only thing we know about the incident is what’s seen on video and we are looking for answers.  There is a recording device on the man’s body and he is recording the entire event that transpires in front of a store it appears he is guarding.  The caption for the video reads:

Published on Jan 28, 2013

This ghetto mama at the 5 Points Plaza in downtown Atlanta gets tased for not backin’ it up.

“Don’t yell at my motherf**in’ baby!” – 2013 Mother of the Year and Top Roll Model

The two women are enraged by the fact that he yelled at their children that are playing outside of the store. So, one of the mothers come from behind him and verbally rips into the guard for chastising her kids.  She is cussin’ the man out and he repeatedly, for about four minutes, tells the woman

“You betta back it up!  Back it up!”

Woman is tasered by store guard and falls to the ground in front of her kids.

The second woman tells one of the children to yell some more, so they can jump him if he says anything. The entire event is such an all around “throw your hands up in the air” incident, you won’t believe what you’re seeing.  The two women are cussin’ and fussin’ with the guard until one of them actually gets into a tussle with him and he pulls out a taser gun and shoots her.

The woman is instantly STOPPED!  She falls to the ground like a rock hard corpse…her knees don’t buckle, she just falls!  In front of her and the other woman’s children.  Also, one of the women said something like “We’re not in the mall now” which leads me to believe that they were kicked out of the mall by this guard and the incident got worse once they were outside.

What do you think?  Was he wrong or was he right?  Were the women wrong or right?  Tell us what you think?  Warning!  The footage is filled with expletives and disturbing violence.

-J.C. Brooks

9 thoughts on “Atlanta Store Guard Tasers Screaming Woman in Front of Her Kids (Video)”

  1. That sort of ignorance on all sides is ridiculous! The guard went back into the mall and then came back to start it up again. The two chicken heads are what plagues us as a people most. The baby was yelling, he’s gay, he’s gay! As if gay is worse than being ignorant.

  2. Those poor kids. Absolutely no chance in life with parents like that. The security guard did what he had to do. He put himself inside the store and did his job of keeping them out. The woman choosing to enter and assault him got what she deserved. Hopefully those kids can see what happens when you act like mommy and decide to not follow in her footsteps.

  3. Tase her again! She was wildin out! Obviously this type of behavior is common because her babies were joining in like it was normal. He should have tased the other one too. Being a woman is not a force-shield. DO NOT approach another person (man or woman) in a threatening way if you do not want to deal with the consequences. Tired of wild women thinking that a man will not/should not come back at you with the force that you initiate. Those kids dont have a chance. Where was daddy when the kids were yelling “that’s why you gay!” over and over again? Why didnt daddy try to defuse the situation? But he’s available to fight, huh? Bravo

  4. The security guard was wrong for his actions he was in the store and came back out to start the yelling again. The women/mothers were just protecting their children. So what they were yelling and acting in their defense. Why is it that the majority of people think it is ok to talk about and disrespect Black women? Tiger Woods wife beat him and she received support for her actions.

    Yes the mothers need parenting classes and some behavior modification but so did he securtiy for his actions in front of her children. He is no better than the police who abuse our ciizens. Black people have a selt-hatred from enslavement – Post Tramatic Slave Syndrome we all need Mental help.

  5. Black on Black violence, some Black people are so damn ignorant it is just embarrassing. If these kids had been White the pathetic security guard would not have parted his freakin lips.

  6. J. Cornina and MrsC, I think both of you are wrong. If these women want to protect their children they should teach them to keep their mouths closed that not disrespect adults. These same kids will go to school and act a monkey because they know their hood rat mothers will come and defend their stupidity. It is not a matter of disrespect black women, black women need to be respectful. I have personally been out and seen white kids act a fool and if the mother did not have sense enough to discipline them they got it from someone else. I was riding the train from the airport and a little white boy kept kicking my seat. After giving polite non verbal cues to the child and mother he still did not stop. I simply slammed my fist down on the seat and they both looked at me stupid, but he stopped. TEACH YOUR FREAKIN KIDS TO ACT LIKE HUMANS! Stop defending stupidity.

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