Ohio Man Attacks Ex-Girlfriend During Her Hearing for a Restraining Order (Video)

Rashad Greene, 30, attacks girlfriend during a hearing for her to receive a restraining order.

The best way to go to jail is to commit the crime you’re being accused of while in the courtroom.

One Ohio idiot, Rashad Greene, went after his 28-year-old ex-girlfriend during a hearing to get a restraining order against him.  Greene was seated next to his grandmother, but that did not deter his fury…nor his insanity.  As soon as Magistrate Tracy Stoner left the room, Greene leapt from his seat and began to chase his, hopefully, ex-girlfriend around the room, according to the Daily Mail.

Rashad Greene, 30, is being held on $25,000 bond for domestic violence.

The grandmother was not a deterrent during the scuffle as Greene shoved her out of the way repeatedly.  If she was there to support him, she can see for herself why the ex-girlfriend needed protection from this fool.  When Greene caught the woman, he repeatedly punched her in the head. But, Summit County sheriff’s deputy raced into the room and stopped the assault by tasering Greene with a stun gun.  He fell to the floor and did not move again.

The judge returned to the room in complete shock.  At one point, you see her raise her hands to her head in disbelief of what could happen during a pee break.  The ex-girlfriend is also finding it unbelievable that she was left in this position since she was there to receive a protection order against Greene.

The ex-girlfriend was taken to the hospital for a head injury, but was released.  Greene is being held on $25,000 bond and charged with domestic violence.  Check out the unbelievable footage below.

-J.C. Brooks

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