New DNA Evidence May Free Convicted Former Akron Police Captain (Video)

Former Akron Police Chief Douglas Prade is seeking a new trial to overturn his murder conviction of his ex-wife based on new DNA evidence.

Do you remember a case in 1997, where a well known doctor was murdered by her husband behind her practice in Akron, Ohio?  Well, the nearly 20-year-old high profile case is being brought back into the courtroom.

Dr. Margo Prade was a well-respected physician in Akron, Ohio, at the time of her murder which was proven to be committed by her ex-husband, former Akron police chief Douglas Prade.  The crime was caught on a nearby car dealership’s surveillance camera, but the tape did not provide anything more than a grainy image of her assailant.  The case hinged upon the DNA the prosecutor used from a bite mark on her arm and underneath her nails.

Now, 16 years later, the DNA has been proven to not be the DNA of Douglas Prade, but someone else and he is requesting a new trial. Prade, now 66 years old, is being represented by David Alden and the Ohio Innocence Project, according to local ABC affiliate, News 5. Alden wants Prade released immediately.  He said:

“To us, it indicates that he didn’t do it.”

But the family is not convinced and feel that Prade is still the culprit.  They also believe that they are not safe if he is released from prison.  The Summit County Prosecutor, Sherri Bevan Walsh, is against granting Prade a new trial and/or releasing him.

“No one in my office wants to see an innocent person behind bars,” said Walsh. “We requested extensive DNA testing well beyond what the Innocence Project requested, and we have carefully reviewed all of the available evidence. There is no new evidence that proves Mr. Prade’s claim of innocence. The jury’s verdict should not be overturned,” said Walsh.

The opposing sides have different translations of what is culpable evidence and what is not.  The case is bringing back bad memories for the family and they do not want to see the case brought back to the courtroom.  Who can blame them?  Check out the report below.

-J.C. Brooks

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  1. This is so sad. He has lost so much. Time and life that he can never get back. Shaking my head at the system. Today I heard on the radio that there is evidence in some county that rape kits are not being processed. Where is the justice?

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