ETNT Spotlight: Singer Decario Wilson Blows Listeners Away…from His Couch (Video)

Decario Wilson sings "I Won't Complain" by Pastor Paul Jones, posted on YouTube January 23, 2013.

Every now and then we find a talent on Facebook or YouTube or some social media circle where folks have become intrigued with finding out more about an unidentified talent.  The newest sensation may bring you to tears.

A video posted to YouTube on January 23, by Barbara Jackson simply reads, “I Won’t Complain Decario Wilson”.   All you see is a man sitting on a couch before the video begins and certainly no one could be prepared for what they hear next.

The song was originally recorded by Pastor Paul Jones of the Greater New Grove Baptist Church of Houston, Texas.  He was a community pastor that was murdered in his home during a burglary at the age of 30, but had recorded this song prior to his death.  It was released post mortem.

Surely he meant for the song to be a part of his ministry and he can indeed be proud of Wilson’s rendition because it has helped spread that ministry so well.  When you see the comments from those who have heard him sing, they are blessed by it.  The only thing we’ve been able to gather about Wilson, from a man who posted the video on Facebook, is that Wilson is from Charlotte, North Carolina.

Check him out for yourself.  We want to see his talent hit the studio!

-J.C. Brooks

2 thoughts on “ETNT Spotlight: Singer Decario Wilson Blows Listeners Away…from His Couch (Video)”

  1. His voice is outstanding omg..i first herd him on facebook i was blown away in tears because anybody who been through something in there life would know that god has been so good to you..over all he needs to be signed if not all ready i wanna see and here more of him god bless:)

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