Scientists Discover Link Between Childhood Abuse and Fibroids in Black Women

If you have any black women in your life, you know all about how severe their menstrual cycle can be.  Unfortunately, the cause of this immense discomfort is uterine fibroids.

Doctors have long been perplexed about the origin of black women’s predisposition to fibroids.  Studies have shown that the noncancerous growths, can be traced to “genetic alterations, hormones and even hair relaxers.” But researchers at the Slone Epidemiology Center (SEC) at Boston University have also discovered “child abuse” is a factor.

The Black Women’s Health Study followed 9,910 premenopausal African-American women for the study.  The study’s lead researcher, Dr. Lauren A. Wise, found that

“the incidence of uterine fibroids was increased by 16 percent among women who had been physically abused during childhood and by 34 percent among women who had been sexually abused as a child.”

According to Wise, this is the second study to make this association and she proposes that the “psychosocial stress” involved in these incidents of abuse is the culprit.  It is also a fact that “sex steroid hormones” are a contributor to the growth of the uterine fibroids, which is why they are normally at their largest while women are pregnant.

Read more on the study here.

-J.C. Brooks

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