Black Woman Gets Job Offers By Becoming White

The economy is full of qualified employees that cannot seem to catch a break.  The qualified applicants that aren’t finding jobs range from the experienced to the college educated, degree toting professionals, yet no one is knocking down their doors.

But Yolanda Spivey, an insurance professional, could not understand how the offers simply dried up for her after being in the insurance industry for an entire decade.  She was out of a job for two years before it occurred to her that she might need to further her education, according to Techyville.

She went back to school and finished her degree, but the job opportunities did not increase. She was still in a rut until a young white woman who graduated with her told her how she had applied for a job as a clerk, but was given an executive position simply because a fellow white woman in Human Resources “just liked her.”

A lightbulb went off in her head! Why don’t I apply as a white woman?  She found that her experiment yielded numerous immediate results.  She was an overnight success story when she applied online as Bianca White. Some interviewers called her more than once seeking an interview with her.

But, while she became an overnight sensation with employers, she was not shocked at the results. Check out her experiment here and the online experience that may shock you.

-J.C. Brooks

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