Florida Man Squats on $2.5 Million Mansion Attempting Ownership (Video)

Andre "Loki" Barbosa, 23, may soon own this home due to Florida's "adverse possession" law.

We’ve heard of folks squatting on property before, but the property is normally a home worth under $100,00 or even $50,000.  No one would attempt to squat on a home over $1 million, right?  Until now.

A foreclosed mansion in Boca Raton, Florida, has been taken over by a 23-year-old Andre “Loki” Barbosa.  The Brazilian national has been squatting in the palatial 5-bedroom since July 2012.  The police don’t bother him because they say Bank of America–who is the owner of the property–has not filed a complaint with them.

According to ABC, he likes to refer to himself as “Loki Boy,” and he has filed the proper paperwork to obtain the property under Florida’s “adverse possession” law.  Using that law, he can acquire the property by simply residing in the residence for seven years and paying the whopping $39,000 property tax.

Of course the neighbors are none too happy about the situation, and one who asked to remain anonymous said that he went inside the home around Christmas and their were four people inside claiming

“…the group is establishing an embassy for their mission, and that families would be moving in and out of the property. Barbosa was also among them.”

According to the Sun Sentinel, Barbosa even went as far as to place a sign in the window that reads that he is the:

“living beneficiary to the Divine Estate being superior of commerce and usury.”

Now, this is a pretty elaborate scheme because by making it into an embassy, it makes the home a sovereign nation and this is an attempt at preventing government from seizing the property.  The neighbor said:

“…the form posted in the window is ‘total gibberish,’ which indicated that the house is an embassy, and that those who enter must present two forms of identification, and respect the rights of its indigenous people.”

Watch those squatters! They are a crafty bunch! This isn’t the first time we’ve seen them in action.  Remember the story we reported in July 2011 on the man in Texas that did this?  He used the same adverse possession law.

Check out the report.

-J.C. Brooks

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