Detroit’s City Hall Reporter Under Fire for Affair with State Treasurer’s Ex-Wife

Detroit's veteran City Hall reporter Leonard Fleming, is accused of an affair with the State Treasurer's ex-wife and threatening to kill her.

Is Detroit’s male officials hard up for women or what?  What’s going on in Motown when the officials keep getting caught up in scandals related to sexual misconduct?

The latest fiasco is, thankfully, not a political representative, but it is “veteran city hall reporter” Leonard Fleming for the Detroit News.  He was reportedly having an affair with Carol Dillon, the ex-wife of state Treasurer Andy Dillon.  But it doesn’t stop there.  The affair must’ve ended unpleasantly for Fleming as he threatened to kill her with a baseball bat, according to report from Motor City Muckraker.

Now there are serious ramifications for his actions, but there are also serious conflicts of interest as it pertains to the Detroit News and their intense coverage of other sexual misconduct cases like Kwame Kilpatrick and ex-Chief of Police Ralph Godbee.

But even deeper into the controversy is Fleming’s coverage of Dillon’s office as they negotiated a state takeover of Detroit City Hall.  Dillon was hard on the beat at least up until last month when editors discovered he was carrying on with Dillon’s ex.  The affair ended so badly that Carol Dillon sought a personal protection order which was granted to her two weeks ago.

The Detroit News hasn’t commented on Fleming’s status of employment, but he hasn’t printed anything in over a week and has been relieved of his assignment at City Hall.

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-J.C. Brooks

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