Martin Luther King Jr and President Obama Come Together for Historic Day!

This is such an important day for the world as we celebrate a warrior and a President.  But as we all know, he’s not an ordinary president, he’s Barack Obama!

The President being re-elected is no fluke, he has done his job.  A second term is merely a logical next step for a man that has accomplished so much in his administration.  A fact-checked list of the promises he’s kept is on Liberals Unite. And the list is too long for us to print here.

Martin Luther King Jr. would be so proud to have his day shared with such a man  integrity, dignity and excellence.  The both of them have given us, as well as our children, a dream to look forward to and to protect.

Congratulations President Obama that you were given another chance to rebuild our nation and fortify our future. Thank you Dr. King for fighting for our rights so diligently that he had the opportunity to make your dream come true.

Enjoy your day as you listen to the wonderful words of them both here.

-J.C. Brooks

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