Jokey Joke: YouTube Hodge Twins Give ‘Eating Tips for the Ladies’ (Video)

YouTube's The Hodge Twins give fitness advice to the ladies.

Fitness videos come in every form under the sun these days.  The experts have advice, equipment, and workouts to sell, but you haven’t seen the fitness tips delivered quite like this before…and they’re free.

The Hodge Twins have a YouTube channel where they use their fit bodies and sexy looks at the camera to reel in as many women as they can before they give them fitness tips to shape their bodies.

In their video, “Eating Tips for the Ladies”, they take turns with the camera, talking in their best Barry White speak, putting the women in a trance before rattling off diet tips that will help them with their waist and “butt.” Toward the end of their interesting tips and advisement, one of them says:

“Baby if you eat like this?!  Awwww man. Uh!” And from the back, the other says, “You fine now, baby. But you gon’ be real fine. You might be so fine, you get kidnapped!”

And it goes downhill from there.  Check out these two! And before any of you ladies get excited, please check for the rings on their fingers.

-J.C. Brooks

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