Bizarro News: Man Run Over By His Own Car After His Dog Hits Accelerator

James Campbell, 68, was run over and killed after Bulldog hits accelerator in his car.

There are some things that happen that seem suspect from the very beginning, but we reason it as “coincidence.” The latest homicide/murder/accident is quite suspicious.

James Campbell, 68, got out of his car, probably like he’s done a million times, to open the gates to his home, so he could pull his car back up into the driveway when suddenly his car was barreling toward him, killing him.  He had left his partner in the driver’s seat and his pet bulldog in the car.  Sound strange? Ummmmhuh! We’re thinking the same thing.

The dog jumped down into the driver seat well and hit the accelerator, backing the car over Campbell.  His partner, 56-year-old Iris Fortner,  even though seated in the driver’s seat, said she couldn’t prevent the incident.  The dog must have lodged himself between the accelerator and the steering wheel?

It’s even amazing that the police hasn’t had questions, but so far Fortner is in the clear.  Fortner’s story is that she opened the driver’s side door to see where Campbell was standing (but not before putting the car in reverse), and that’s when the dog made his move and pounced on the accelerator.

I wonder if Fortner sustained any injuries seeing as how she was looking behind the car with the door open when the dog jumped on the gas.  “Things that make you say, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.”

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-J.C. Brooks

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