Philadelphia Man Finds and Rescues 5-Year-Old Abducted from School (Video)

Nailla Robinson, 5, was abducted from her elementary school in West Philadelphia Monday morning.

There’s good news this morning as we hear the news of a child that had been abducted, was found and is safe and sound back home.

Latifah Rashid, the mother of 5-year-old Nailla Robinson, had pleaded for the child’s safe return Monday as she was abducted from William C. Bryant School, in West Philadelphia.  The child’s substitute teacher broke protocol allowing the girl to go with a woman dressed in traditional Muslim attire which covered her face.

As a hunt continues for the suspect, the child’s uncle believes that the girl knew the woman and that’s why she thought it was safe to go with her.  But, the woman told the teacher that she signed the child out in the office and she was the child’s mother. The ABC News report stated that the school admits there was a “serious break in procedure.”

Nelson Mandela Myers, 27, found 5-year-old Nailla Robinson after she had been abducted and abandoned on a playground.

According to the Washington Post, the child was found by passerby, Nelson Mandela Myers.  The man said in a statement:

“She was just mainly shivering and saying that she was cold,” he said at a news conference Tuesday afternoon. Myers, 27, wrapped her in his jacket and called police from his cellphone. “I’m just glad I was there at the right time.”

He stayed with the child and gave her his jacket as they waited for police.  The mayor has offered the man a $10,000 reward for his swift action that brought Nailla back to her family.

Myers, is a sanitation worker who was on his way to work when he heard the child’s whimpers from underneath a slide on a playground he was passing.  All she had on was an black adult-size t-shirt.  She said that a teenager got her out of the apartment where she was being held and left her on the playground.  It was only 37 degrees and she was wet from rain.

“I just wanted to do the same thing someone would have done for my child. I have a 5-year-old daughter,” Myers said. “When I picked her up, she just reminded me of my daughter so much because she was the same size.”

The child is being physically examined for any signs of physical abuse or sexual assault.  There hadn’t been any topical signs of physical abuse at the time of her recovery.  Check out the reports below.  OUR SINCERE THANKS AND GRATITUDE GO OUT TO NELSON MANDELA MYERS! WE SALUTE YOU, SIR.

-J.C. Brooks

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  1. God BLESS him!! Unfortunately, there are many that would have walked past that child.

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