Bishop Lays On Top of Two Men for Consecration Ritual? (Video)

Bishop Wayne T. Jackson of Detroit's Greater Faith International Ministries performs his "consecration" ritual on two men of his church.

Every religion has its rituals, some worse than others.  We’ve even seen snakes brought into the pulpit to bite members of the congregation to show their faith in God.  But now there’s a laying on of bodies going on that is causing some eyebrow raising.

Bishop Wayne T. Jackson is a popular minister in Detroit, Michigan, at Greater Faith International Ministries.  During a service recently, he participated in something called a “consecration ritual” where he appears to renew two men’s spirits through death.

In this ritual, the two men kneeled then laid down on the floor and were covered with white sheets as the choir sang “I Give Myself to You”.  The bishop goes to each man and grabs their ankles.  He prays and then he throws another cloth similar to the one he’s wearing over the man and then lays down on top of him with a trembling body. It seems that he’s crying and emotional.

He repeats this ritual on the next man as well.  Apparently, this is a controversial act of “covering” and some christian communities are up in arms about it.  Now a Pastor Tony Smith out of Georiga took to YouTube to say how deplorable he thought this freestyled performance was and didn’t mince any words during his “unapologetic” diatribe:

“Why would a man lay on my behind and tell me he gon’ give me Jesus? Faith Tabernacle, Wayne T. Jackson, a hypocrite.”

We’re going to stop there because this dude is really no better with the incendiary remarks he makes from his pulpit.  He goes in on Jackson like any man outside the liquor store on any corner in any city.  But first, we’ll show you the video of Jackson’s consecration ceremony, then you can see what this guy has to say afterwards.

-J.C. Brooks

Bishop Wayne T. Jackson’s consecration ritual:

Pastor Tony Smith weighs in on Bishop Jackson’s ritual:

3 thoughts on “Bishop Lays On Top of Two Men for Consecration Ritual? (Video)”

  1. To Pastor Tony Smith, please do NOT use the “F” word. That is not nice to use a deragatory name towards someone. That is not what Christians are supposed to do.

    To Bishop Wayne T. Jackson, you have made a mockery out of religion. Laying on hands is one thing, but laying on someone’s back is ridiculous. Foolish behavior like this is why so many people don’t go to church.

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