Jokey Joke: Lost Barry White Audio Shows Different Side of Balladeer (Audio)

Barry White

There is nothing like turning on one of Barry White’s songs and hearing that bellowing bass voice.  We loved his music and some of us were even conceived to it.  But, his voice was made for broadcasting as well.  Who wouldn’t love to have Barry White do an ad for their business or function? (Check out this one.)

Well, we don’t know if they were able to pull it off, but Paul Quinn College in Dallas, Texas, asked Barry White to record a radio spot for them that, wellllll, didn’t seem to work out.  The outtakes from the recording session reveal a frustrated, then pissed off side of the balladeer.

He was trying to read from a script given to him, but at one point he says:

“This asshole fu**ed these words up, man,  I mean, he got words that he don’t even need.”

The rest of the session goes along pretty much the same way.  Right after that, he begins again and erupts:

“Hi, this is Barry White.  Fu** this sh** man! I’m gonna cut this sh** offfff!”

Cussin’ or otherwise, there’s no other voice like Barry White’s.  We even enjoyed his cussin’!

-J.C. Brooks

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