Creator of ‘First Sex Robot’ Hopes to Fill the Companion Gap (Video)

Doug Hines with his self-proclaimed first sex robot "Roxxxy True Companion."

The sex industry is hopefully, slowly, but surely, being revolutionized with non-humans.  Our hope is that one day humans can be completely removed from the illegal sex industry equation with this invention.

Doug Hines is the creator of “Roxxxy”, what he calls “the first sex robot”, which he debuted at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, three years ago in January 2010.  He’s making Roxxxy available for $7,000, according to CNN.

Roxxxy True Companion has modes that range from Frigid Farrah to Wild Wendy.

The fringe benefits, beyond those obvious to the men interested in purchasing Roxxxy, is the possibility of eliminating sex trafficking, sexually transmitted diseases and/or sexual violence against women in the trade throughout the world.  A report from AOL,  said the journal Futures, reported that “robot prostitutes” could make their human counterparts obsolete or at least a second or third choice in the sex tourism market by 2050.

Hines describes her as:

“Roxxxxy True Companion is  a self-contained robot.  She has a computer, a touch sensor, and pressure sensors throughout her body…  This is not just a sex toy, this is a companion. We go with a psychologist to understand what makes a strong bond between two people.”

According to a report from CNN:

“A motor in her chest pumps heated air through a tube that winds through the robot’s body, which Hines says keeps her warm to the touch. Roxxxy also has sensors in her hands and genital areas — yes, she is anatomically correct — that will trigger vocal responses from her when touched. She even shudders to simulate orgasm.”

Wow! This blows sex toys up to the 45th power!  A lot of folks that are out here committing crimes just need a hug.  Maybe we can get someone to donate these “companions” to them.

Check out Doug Hines as he introduces her at the expo and read more about her here.

-J.C. Brooks

3 thoughts on “Creator of ‘First Sex Robot’ Hopes to Fill the Companion Gap (Video)”

  1. I agree with the guy in the video, “this is possibly the most retarded thing I have ever seen.” LMAO I mean come on now, if the robot were just for sex I can understand, but this contraption is nowhere near on the level of AI needed to be a companion and hold true conversations. Some lonely men or closet freaks will buy them, don’t worry.

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