S.C. Tea Party Convention Features Obama ‘Witch Doctor’ T-shirt

Bob Cramer takes the credit for an old image of Obama as a witch doctor stealing medicine through his Affordable Care Act.

The Tea Party folks are at it again. This time they are showing off their kindergarten-level education with a little finger paint and incomplete sentences.

A t-shirt depicting President Obama as a “witch doctor” stealing medicine via his Affordable Care Act, found its way to a South Carolina Tea Party convention.  The shirt went over well and the artist, Bob Cramer, claims that folks are clamoring for it everywhere.  He claims that they are coming out of the woodwork to order the shirt from him.

Mediaite reports that the Palmetto Public Record clarified that Cramer’s image isn’t as original as he claims.  They report that the image has been “circulating the Internet since the Obamacare fight in 2009.”

The picture depicts the president as a medicine doctor with a bone through the nose wearing only a loin cloth with the words:

“Your new doctor!” Obamacare…coming soon to a clinic near you!”

Wow…when will they ever stop being sore losers.  No one cares about your adolescent words or pictures.  But, good try though.

If you care, read more here.

-J.C. Brooks

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