NC Mother Shoots Teenage Son, Daughter, and Boyfriend Before Killing Self (Video)

The driveway where Maurice Eugene Edmonds was found bleeding profusely and begging for help for his children after being shot by his girlfriend of 17 years.

There is no rhyme nor reason to crimes of passion.  Arguments could remain just heated arguments if guns weren’t added to the mix of emotional ambrosia between the heated parties.  But, having a gun available gives the incident the potential to end in tragedy.

Sandra Palmer, 47, of Greensboro, North Carolina, applied for a gun permit December 11, and picked it up December 20. Not even a month later, she would kill her son and herself. According to Greensboro’s Fox 8 report, authorities said an argument erupted between Palmer and her family in the early morning hours last Monday, January 7, at the Robyn’s Glen Townhomes where they had been renting a home for the past year.

The argument resulted in Palmer shooting both of her children, Maurice Edmonds II, 14, Danielle Imani Jameison, 18, her boyfriend and father of her 14-year-old son Maurice Eugene Edmonds, 46.  Police reported that she first maced Edmonds and then, during a struggle over her gun, shot him, and her children multiple times, killing her son.  Afterwards, she ran into another room and shot and killed herself with a different gun.

Edmonds, whom Palmer had a 17-year relationship, struggled to the driveway with a gunshot wound.  Only Edmonds and Palmer’s daughter survived the incident.  Both were taken to Moses Cone Hospital and Edmonds was listed in “fair condition” while Jamieson was listed in critical condition at the time of the report.

The incident is still largely unexplained and bizarre.  Palmer’s 14-year-old son was a student at Northwest Guilford Middle School and students are devastated by the news of his death.  Counselors have been made available to the students.

Two neighbors in the community, Bob Ring and Debbi Smith, one a block over and one that attends a school down the street, respectively, were surprised by the violence occurring in their “nice” neighborhood:

“If this is domestic violence — that happens anywhere,” Ring said. “This is a low crime area. I don’t worry about stuff out here. You know, there are crazy people in the world. Domestic stuff escalates, and this stuff happens everywhere.”

Smith said:

“I’m shocked. I’m just shocked. Because this seems like a really nice part of Greensboro,” Smith said. “I hope the family’s okay. It just really makes me sad for them.”

Is there really a “nice” or “safe” neighborhood anymore?  Why is the violence escalating…and don’t blame it on the recession.  Check out the report.

-J.C. Brooks

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