Next Treasury Secretary Will ‘Scribble’ on Our Future Dollars

The U.S. dollars will bear a new and unusual signature from our new Treasury Secretary Jack Lew.

The history of money and its design is quite peculiar.  There’s all sorts of things on the bills and the coins that we would have to investigate to find out why it made it on to our coin for all times.

The Treasury Secretary’s signature on all of our money is not really one of those mysteries, but once you see the new autograph it will bear, you might think the president assigned the position to a child.

But nope, the new Treasury Secretary is none other than his present White House Chief of Staff Jack Lew, according to Mediaite.  Now Lew has a peculiar signature that he may have had plenty of reason to make more unusual than all others.  But, our dollars are going to be the laughing stock around the globe.

According to the report:

“As New York magazine reports this morning, Lew’s “Crazy Straw” signature first appeared publicly on a memo back in September of 2011 and has since been considered the worst autograph in Washington.”

The loopty loop clearly doesn’t spell Jack Lew, but it looks like it’s going to have to do.  But let’s look at the bright side, the next time you give a child a dollar, they may appreciate it more thinking that one of their peers made it.

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-J.C. Brooks

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