Baby Abandonment Case Turns Into Homicide Investigation (Video)

Ebony Jackson Shelton, 30, with her newborn baby at Christmas with Santa.

There is a tragic story out of St. Louis, Missouri, that was thought to be a story of abandonment, but was really a homicide.

Ebony-Jackson Shelton, 30, was found stuffed in the trunk of her own car.  The last anyone heard from her, she was headed to her cousin’s home, but she never made it, according to St. Louis’ Fox 2 News.

The report includes a Facebook posting of a video of her newborn baby on his grandfather’s lap, spending quality time and her speaking to her new baby off camera asking him to talk.

“Lives have just been decimated, there is no other word for it,” said family spokesperson Linda Lawson. “You can’t think of a worse circumstance.”

St. Louis Metropolitan Police is joining with Breckenridge Hills and St. Louis County Police in the investigation that started as an abandonment case when the 3-month-old infant was found in the hallway of apartment complex in Breckenridge Hills at 5 a.m. Friday.

Jackson Shelton is from Oklahoma and the alleged father of her child contacted police to gain custody of his son and has submitted to a DNA to prove his paternity.  He told authorities that she had just left last week to move to St. Louis.

Police Chief Rickey Collins is so committed to catching the killer that he stood on a street corner beginning at 9am, Wednesday with the goal of collecting $5,000 by 3 p.m. He has a growing reward from the community for any information leading to the arrest of the individual responsible for her death.

“It was an unbelievable murder that really touched a lot of hearts of the people here in St. Louis because it went from child abandonment to homicide,” Collins told NBC News. “I know Missouri is a very generous state and collecting rewards has always brought witnesses and evidence forward, so I hope to get information to bring the person forward and solve the case.”

If you have any information about this tragic death, no matter how little, please call it in to CrimeStoppers at  1-866-371-TIPS (8477).

-J.C. Brooks

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  1. The media needs to get their facts straight before posting these stories and copying other stories that have incorrect information. That is the baby’s father in the video holding the baby not the grandfather.

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