Man, 54, Gets Pec Implants and Lipo to Keep Up with Young Wife

Donovan Nelson, 54, from England, after his liposuction and pectoral surgery called VASER.

The “50 is the new 30” age is here and very real.  Folks are sparing no expense to be young and sexy.  It appears that being a senior citizen is out of the question for anyone born after 1960.

Donovan Nelson, 54, is a perfect example of the Dorian Gray society we are slowly, but surely, adopting. The 54-year-old from Braintree, Essex (about 40 miles outside London) has a wife 21 years his junior that still hits the clubs…athletic and otherwise.  Now everyone knows what goes down at the club.  It’s like Wild Kingdom in there.  Everyone is on the prowl and he wanted to make sure his wife didn’t become someone’s prey.

Donovan and his younger wife, who is 21 years his junior at 33.

Nelson underwent a $10,000 liposuction and pectoral implant procedure (and it looks like he got some weave in there too) to keep up with her and anyone that might be closer to her age. But, before you run out and try to get the procedure, remember, you might want to pick up a prescription of Viagra to go with the new body. (I know you were thinking about that ladies.)

Anywho, another disclaimer to this new laser surgery called VASER, is that Nelson was already in good shape and he ate well and worked out regularly, but he used the surgery as sort of a “clean-up”; for those areas that weren’t getting the definition that he desired from his workout.  Nelson said:

“I would say to other men, try and get in shape through exercise first, but if that doesn’t work then perhaps surgery is a better option. Also, the amount it costs is a good incentive to keep it off.”

Read more on his story here and more pics of Donovan’s results.

-J.C. Brooks

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