Texas Still Marching Forward to Secede from Union (Video)

Texas secession ideas get fuel as over 100,000 sign petition on White House site.

Once the world heard that President Obama was re-elected as President of the United States, right wingers came up with the bright idea to revamp history and separate the states…and come up with their own government.

But, not Texas.  They claim they’ve been trying to secede from the union for many years; long before the Obama administration.  According to Cary Wise, the Executive Director of the Texas Nationalist Movement the American government is so “out of control” that “people are frightened, people are scared.”

Wise made an appearance on Fox News Saturday to discuss his group’s growing movement to secede from the United States. According to Wise, the website for the group has received over 3 million hits since November.  He said:

“…people are frightened, people are scared,” and that’s why the movement to secede is gaining momentum. “People understand that we have a federal government that is completely out of control.”

A petition on the White House website has received more than 124,000 signatures to help Texans move their plan forward.  But, you know what we say…LET…THEM…GO!  We already discussed this back in November when 20 states signed the secession petition on the White House site.

Check out the interview with Cary Wise.  I wonder if he would be open to OUR secession idea because we’re still waiting to hear from the President on whether he’s going to fire up some Navy vessels to give them a ride back to Europe…and they have to pay for the gas.

-J.C. Brooks

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