Woman Spends Christmas in Jail for Cursing (Video)

LaRue Ford was held in Berrien County jail for 11 days for cursing in the Court Clerk offices in Niles, Michigan.

If cursing is a crime a lot of our friends out there that are prone to road rage and in need of anger management would be serving life sentences for repeat offenses.

LaRue Ford of Niles, Michigan, found out that cursing really is a crime when she was in court to settle an old traffic ticket.  According to Ford, they were giving her the run around and as she paid the $50, she began to curse…to herself!

District Court Judge Dennis Wiley jailed LaRue Ford for cursing in the County Clerk Office as she settled an old ticket. He looks like he could've played a role in Django, doesn't he?

But District Court Judge Dennis Wiley, felt disrespected by her rant and ordered her in contempt and had her arrested and gave her 11 days in jail.  WHAT?! the fraggle nackle bull crap is this?!  That’s probably what the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) said when they heard the case.

The ACLU stepped in to help Ford stating that her freedom of speech or first amendment rights were violated and clearly Wiley overstepped his boundaries when he ordered her jailed and refused her a bond.   Talk about going too far!  The ACLU, Ford and we have some choice words for his ………!!

Check out the report.  Try not to curse!

-J.C. Brooks

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