Jokey Joke: Newscaster ‘Turns Ghetto’ After On-Air Shock (Video)

A local reporter is fed up with the town he's reporting from and goes into a cursing fit as something flies in his face.

The newscasters around the country probably have a million tapes to choose from when it comes to their on-air bloopers.  But, there’s always one! The big one!

A reporter on channel 4, somewhere deep in the country, where obviously, he didn’t want to be, was startled by something that seemed to fly at him during his report.  We’re not certain, but it seems he may have been in Augusta, Georgia, as he reported on some type of incident at Augusta High School.

But just as he began his report, a bug flew in his mouth, the pollen was getting to him, and he was just having an all-around bad day.

But, alas, the cameraman felt the show must go on in a YouTube video called “Reporter turns ghetto in 3 seconds”!  He kept the camera rolling as the reporter erupted into a real tirade that included all kinds of curse words, twirls, and negative criticism of the “country a$$” town.

Check him out! I hope this report didn’t make it any further than YouTube.

-J.C. Brooks

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