School Board Member Hits Teen with SUV Over Walmart Parking Space (Video)

School board member, Angela Cornett, is seen striking a 17-year-old standing in a Walmart parking space in Cartersville, Georgia.

The young are supposed to be able to learn from the old, but it appears that in our “50 is the new 30” age, we are losing some very valuable lessons.  Some elders are sacrificing wisdom to stay in the game.

According to the Today show, Angela Cornett, struck a 17-year old with her SUV when she attempted to hold a parking space for her friend that is a new mother by standing in the space.  She didn’t want her to have to walk too far.  Cornett didn’t show the good judgment that is expected of a member of the school board.

The cops arrived to the scene and arrested Cornett for the misdemeanor of reckless conduct after they reviewed a Walmart surveillance video that contradicted Cornett’s claim that the girl “leaned” on her vehicle.  The video showed Cornett striking the girl with her car enough to move her.

Now the kicker in this story is that Cornett is the Vice Chair of the Bartow County, Georgia School Board. For shame!  But wait!  There’s more!  This is the same district where the 17-year-old she struck is a high school senior.  Cornett has been charged and released, but her lawyer cannot fight the Walmart video.

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-J.C. Brooks

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