Jesse Jackson Asked to Defend Chicago’s Strong Gun Laws (Video)

Jesse Jackson is repeatedly pressed on the issue of strong gun laws in Chicago.

It seems that the Fiscal Cliff isn’t the only debate gaining momentum.  There is still the major issue of gun control reform making a segue into 2013, and activists and politicians are choosing sides…well, except Jesse Jackson.

When visiting CNN and asked about the gun control issue, though he gave profound insight into the issue of gun violence, he still avoided the question of whether the gun laws should be more strongly reformed.

But, Jackson offered a unique analysis of the area of Newtown versus the Chicago area, which has seen 87.5 percent of Chicago’s 500 homicides attributed to guns this year alone.  He makes the point of the city of Newtown having a “gun culture.”

“I think about Newtown, for example, they have three or four gun ranges. There are no gun ranges in Chicago,” Jackson replied. “Newtown is so different than the complexity of the urban crisis.”

Chicago has some of the strongest gun laws in the country, yet they are still not strong enough to prevent gun-committed homicides and Jesse Jackson made an important point of why the present gun laws that govern his town are not making a difference:

“It’s not gun violence. It’s also poverty and lack of education and lack of dreams, where people think killing is the only way out,” Jackson concluded. “This is the need for an urban policy of reconstruction.”

His words are full of truth, just not directly on the question asked.  The point he makes suggests that the gun laws, while strong in the state of Illinois, just aren’t strong enough and the demand is in the faces of those that have lost their lives. Check out the debate.

-J.C. Brooks

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