Thieves Raid New Mexico Walmart for Over $30,000 in Guns and Electronics

Two men in black hoodies shown robbing a Walmart in Los Lunas, New Mexico, on Christmas morning have not yet been apprehended.

Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without a heist of some sort now would it?  The thieves are running a little late, but they’re here nonetheless.

The Los Lunas, New Mexico, Walmart was burglarized by a couple of thieves in black hoodies on Christmas morning that have so far not been identified or caught, according to a report from the local ABC channel 7, KOAT.  The thieves were captured on the store’s surveillance video and police are hoping they are able to obtain clues from it.

Police are worried because of the amount of rifles that were taken from the store.  They only know that there were at least four of the guns stolen from the store, but Walmart hasn’t given a complete count of the exact number of guns taken.

In addition to the guns, they stole electronics like iPads, mp3’s, cameras and more.  Of course the guns will probably be sold illegally on the street and that is what worries police.  The guns, once again, will end up in the wrong hands.  But apparently, in our country, they end up in the wrong hands sold illegally or legally.

Check out the report below.

-J.C. Brooks

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