Should America See The ‘Carnage’ of the Newtown Children? (Video)

Emmett Till's mother at his open coffin.

The Newtown massacre will never be forgotten by any of us who heard the breaking news of the horrific event.  The fear and horror we witnessed in the faces of those directly and indirectly affected by the lives taken that day left an indelible mark on our hearts.

But now Roland Martin is answering the question that was raised by a text he received from his producer at his TV One show Washington Watch.  The text said: “One of these mothers from Connecticut should do an Emmett Till moment; show the picture of their child dead in the classroom.”

The broken bodies of the children blown apart by assault weapons being plastered across every newspaper in America to show the effect of poor gun legislation may not be the solution to getting the NRA and politicians attention.  But, he makes a great argument of how Emmett Till’s mother, Mamie Till Mobley’s bravery in allowing an open coffin for her son’s funeral shed a gruesome light on the lynchings occurring in the south.

The nation would never be the same again after the Chicago Defender and Jet magazine ran pictures of his body with a mutilated face lying in a coffin on their covers.  It was 1955, and while the lynchings did not cease, the nation was able to see the reality of the lynchings happening in the south.  The only real similarities between the atrocities is the grossly inexplicable reasoning behind the attackers actions.

NRA pundits and allies are telling us to place more blame and/or review more closely the mental condition of the vigilantes that commit these crimes.  Should we now start to analyze the racists that put the gun to the back of a black boy’s head and blow the back of his head off? Maybe Don Lemon had a point when he asked, “Should we start profiling white men?”  The statistics Lemon mentioned showed that most mass killings are committed by white men ages 18 to 24.

Roland Martin makes this argument during his perspective:

“What if one of the mothers or fathers of the Newtown 20 demanded that police give them a crime scene photo of their child and they chose to show it to the world? Can you imagine a modern day Mamie Till Mobley, wracked with pain but filled with resolve to show the nation so they could bear witness to what hate did to their child?”

What do you think? Would it had made a difference for the parents to show the bravery of Emmett Till’s mother by leaving their child’s casket open for the NRA and the rest of America to notice the damage assault weapons can cause?

Read Roland Martin’s eloquent argument here and check out Don Lemon’s debate on CNN below.

-J.C. Brooks

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