Alligator Dumped in Detroit Field Rescued by Neighbors (Video)

Shontez Gibson rescues an alligator in a field near his home on Detroit's eastside.

Detroit’s black men are known for preferring a gator on their shoes, but one guy didn’t think that he’d ever have a gator on his shoes…a live gator that is.

Shontez Gibson was outside his home on the eastside of Detroit when he noticed a truck pull up and dump something in a field, according to CNN.  He said he thought they were dumping a body, so he ran and told his uncle.

Gibson and his uncle went out to the field and revealed a body alright! A LIVE 5-foot ALLIGATOR was the victim of illegal dumping and awaiting them in the field!

Alligator rescued in a field on Detroit's eastside last night by Shontez Gibson.

“So he say, ‘Pick it up!’ I say nah, YOU pick it up!  He said alright ok, let’s take it in the house. I pick it up, take it in the house.  He was scared and ran! He said, ok, we gotta feed it somethin’. Say ok, feed it some fish!”

The uncle was obviously clowned in the explanation of the events by his nephew, but Gibson really was a hero. The young man put the alligator in a room with a heater and called the Michigan Humane Society.

Good thinking, Gibson! We thought they were going to get on YouTube and figure out how to make a pair of shoes out of him.  Just kidding, Chontez!  Check out the report.  Most of you are probably thinking to yourself, “A five foot gator?! In the field?! Next to my house?! He’d be out there until the Humane Society pulled up!”

-J.C. Brooks

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