Online Gamers ‘Cease Fire’ Today in Response to Shooting Deaths in Connecticut

Violence has always been a part of the fabric of American culture.  The country was founded upon it.  It’s an instrumental part of our entertainment.  Our blockbuster movies, toys and video games are hot sellers because of it.

Hollywood may not be willing to make a change, but the gaming nation is standing up to make a statement on behalf of the little ones that were so horrifically taken from us in Connecticut.  Antwand Pearman is the CEO and founder of GamerFitNation, and he is calling a “cease fire” for all gamers that would normally be shooting up something today.  He said it’s a “small sacrifice” for those who have been lost, according to Mediaite.

Now while he might be interested in honoring the victims this way, he is not admitting that there is any link between the tragedy and gaming:

“I wanted to make a statement. I wanted gamers to come together to say we don’t accept this. This doesn’t say we blame video games. We just believe this is for us to do to show respect to the victims. It’s a small sacrifice for a day…You can’t blame a video game for something like that — the real reason is mental health and gun control. He shouldn’t have been able to get the type of assault weapons he had.”

What do you think?  Does he have a point? Or are there some gamers that take their virtual experiences to the street?  So far, Facebook is showing 2,000 gamers that have agreed to participate in the event today.

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-J.C. Brooks

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