Mother Forces Son to Bear Sign in Front of His School After Cursing at Teacher (Video)

Erol Faustin, 12, holds sign in front of his school in front of peers as a penalty from his mother for cursing at his teacher.

The old school parents are back! They are here with a lot of signs and penalties, but they’re here and we hope they’re making a difference in their children’s lives.

Erol Faustin, 12, thought he’d call his teacher out of her name (using the forbidden expletive most used for women) and get away with just a suspension from school.  But his mother said “No! I’m not havin’ it!” And placed him in front of his school, Rickards Middle School, with a sign detailing his offenses and an apology to his teacher and “all adults” for all of his friends and peers to see, according to the Huffington Post.

“He told her he doesn’t give an ‘F’,’B,'” explained Lisette Lopez. “Those words are not acceptable in my house. He’s got a younger sister and brother that look up to him. He needs to be a role model.”

But the Huffington Post poses the question, “Is this punishment too harsh?”  I can tell you right now, HELL NO! But the Huffington Posts senior columnist, Lisa Belkin, discovered in her article this past spring on the topic of child punishments by public humiliation that these types of disciplinary actions “can lead children to view parents as enforcers rather than someone they can trust.”

Well call me the enforcer, baby!  And to all other enforcers out there, the neighborhood will thank you later for keeping your promising gang bangers from bustin’ them upside the head later in life because you chose to discipline them now.

Watch him in this report.  He is shedding tears as the kids read his sign outside his school.

J.C. Brooks

One thought on “Mother Forces Son to Bear Sign in Front of His School After Cursing at Teacher (Video)”

  1. Now if we could just get the misdirected Republicans who believe “Social Darwinism” is the path to an Advanced Civilization to wear signs enumerating and apologizing their foolish attitudes such as:

    “Poor people are poor because they are LAZY, and they just need to get a job!”

    “If you have social programs you are just inviting more people to get onto the Government dole, and you’ll never get them off the public teat!”

    “The EPA is a job killer!” and “Environmental issues are a HOAX!!”

    I would wear a sign that reads:
    “I believe it is a basic human characteristic to desire to work and raise one’s standard of living for their family. If we give poor people a truly fair chance and financial aid (a hand up, not a hand out) the far greater percentage will use that assistance to gain skills and move up into a responsible Middle Class lifestyle, (and some will actually become extremely successful and wealthy!)”

    Republicans should then wear this sign:
    I deliberately use a few lazy poor people’s performance to discredit Social Responsibility programs as a strategy to avoid paying my fair share of taxes and thus support this Nation moving forward as an Advancing Civilization….my personal wealth means more to me that that lofty goal”

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