Feminist Group Replaces Victoria’s Secret Line with Anti-Rape Thong

The fake PINK Loves Consent campaign launched by FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture defies the easy access messages of Victoria's Secret's official line of lingerie.

Do you think Victoria’s Secret is that its line is sending a message of women’s vulnerability rather than strength? Some feminists believe that the company’s image is leading a crusade that ultimately results in women being raped.

According to the Daily Mail, The feminist group FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture, is so passionate about their mission that they hijacked Victoria’s Secret’s PINK line with panties of consent as a part of their “Operation Panty Drop.”  

The panties they are promoting substitute PINK’s easy access messages like “Sure thing” with “Ask First” and “No Means No”.  Rebecca Nagle, 26, and Hannah Brancato, 27, along with more “consent crusaders” that believe in the messages went into Victoria’s Secret stores and strategically placed their panties next to the genuine PINK line’s panties that read “Unwrap Me” and other messages of easy access.

But FORCE took it a bit further than simply swapping panties in the store.  They have an unofficial website that appears to be Victoria’s Secret’s website launching the PINK Loves Consent line.  The fake press release said that the new line “promotes consent to fight rape in new panties.”  The website even has the brand’s logo across the top of their page with a model wearing panties that read “No Means No”.

The website has a ‘Then and Now’ section that reads:

“Then we loved styles that were all about rape culture. Now we love styles that are all about consent! Catch the changes hitting stores this holiday season.”

If Limited Brands Inc. (which owns Victoria’s Secret) was smart, they would embrace the fraudulent, but relevant, consent line.

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-J.C. Brooks

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