Wedding Party ‘Lose Control’ as Dance Gets Crunk! (Video)

Couple delivers a flawless dance performance at their reception to Missy Elliott's "Lose Control" featuring Ciara and Fat Man Scoop.

We’ve reported several weddings in the past that have surprised their guests with a dance.  Some weddings were father/daughter, some were bride and groom, some of the dances occurred during the wedding’s bridal procession, but the newest addition to these classic wedding dances will get you out of your seats or putting on your best chair dance.

To give you some idea of how “crunk” the couple’s dance was, the song they used for their first dance together at the reception was Missy Elliott’s “Lose Control” featuring Ciara and Fat Boy Scoop…and Mrs. McGhee? That’s right! The bride spits some lyrics that were edited into the song. This couple definitely separates themselves from the rest with this one of a kind tribute to the beginning of the rest of their lives together.

But not only do the husband and wife rock the house with their crunk choreography, the wedding party is signaled by a military salute from the bride and groom and they fall in line as well.  If the couple’s moves are any reflection of what their life will be like together, they will stay in sync for the rest of their lives.

Congrats to the McGhees! Now! Get crunk with the new couple!

-J.C. Brooks

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