Melissa Harris-Perry Says Tavis Smiley Sold Out Blacks Like Nurse in Tuskegee Experiment

Melissa Harris-Perry charges Tavis Smiley with undermining the black community.

The Tuskegee Experiment included 600 black men (399 with Syphilis and 201 without) that were led down a road of deception by not only the federal government, but one of their own that they thought they could trust.

Nurse Rivers, who knew the experiment was all a lie and that they were not really being treated for their cases of Syphilis, never breathed a word. In exchange for taking part in the experiment, they were promised free medical exams, meals, and burial insurance.

According to All, on Melissa Harris-Perry’s show Sunday, she pointed out the similarities in Tavis Smiley to Nurse Rivers.  Apparently, Tavis had been in business with Wells Fargo to get African Americans and Hispanics enrolled in their fraudulent “wealth building” program that duped them into loans with higher rates based on “the color of their skin.”

Now, you must be wondering how Tavis plays into this scenario.  Well, according to the report, he was paid $4 million to give seminars in black communities that would persuade blacks to get involved in the programs that:

“…resulted in over 34,000 African-American and Hispanic borrowers in 36 states and the District of Columbia paying higher rates for loans…”

The discriminating program went on for five years, from 2004 to 2009, and the bank was caught in their web of deception, but Tavis Smiley never revealed, like Ms. Rivers, the misconception and downright deception the program entailed.  Some might believe he was not the wiser, but those same people would also believe that he is an astute businessman.

Smiley eventually cut ties with Wells Fargo.  The report states:

“I cut everything off with Wells Fargo,” Smiley declared. He said the move cost “a lot of money”; he would not say how much. Smiley said his relationship with Wells Fargo was a “package deal.” In return for the company helping to finance his radio show, he went on the road for Wells Fargo.

No wonder Harris-Perry compared the media mogul to Ms. Rivers.  While we are only speculating that Smiley knew what was going on, it is extremely unlikely that he didn’t.  Read more here. Attorney General Madigan even weighed in on the seminars, saying that from the beginning, the seminars were Wells Fargo’s plan to “target black borrowers for higher-cost subprime mortgages” not wealth-building.

-J.C. Brooks

14 thoughts on “Melissa Harris-Perry Says Tavis Smiley Sold Out Blacks Like Nurse in Tuskegee Experiment”

  1. TAVIS SMILEY??!!! Deceving African-Americans and Latinos to line his pockets??!! I’m totally un-shocked!! I wouldn’t put it past this bufoon and his runnin’ mate Corney West. Like Captain Louis Renault incredulously addressed Rick Blaine in “Casablanca” at Rick’s Cafe, “I’m shocked, there’s gambling in this place!!!”

  2. It’s crazy to me that a TV show host would spend a considerable amount of time of her own TV show just to disparage another broadcaster. Especially considering how MHP has no clue about what Smiley knew and when he knew it. Why would the higher ups at MSCBS allow her to rant about details of something she knows nothing about. From what I recall, Smiley is a frequent guest on their panels.

    It’s clear Perry has personal beef with Dr. West and is using Smiley to fan the flames. If I remember right, she was a guest on one of Smiley’s SOBU panels. If she was so offended by his relationship with Wells Fargo, how come she didn’t say anything then? Oh, I forgot… she wanted the TV exposure. Perry knows that her stint at MSCBS is primarily driven by Obama enthusiest and she has to throw a bone (factual or not) to appease black Obama loyalists. She knows the best way to get that group stirred up is to start talking about Tavis Smiley and Dr. West. They have been the dart board for Obama freaks because they have the nerve to have their own opinions different from the clueless masses. MLP could care less about black folks in subprime mortgages. If she did she would talk about Obama’s weak action to help stuggling homeowners. All she wants to do is put anything out to discredit Obama’s critics and throw a bone to the Smiley haters that watch her show.

  3. Corny & West the Black-faced, slew-footed traveling minstrel show has been attacking the integrity and questioning the academic acumen of MHP ever since she left the classroom of the halls of Ivy enroute to the commentators chair of MSNBC. Corny & West despise any African-American (check The Obamas) who are superior in intellect to these two pseudo-intellectickles. Their panty hose gets twisted whenever they feel academically threatened with the possibility that Black Folks realize that they don’t have a copyright on African-American intellectualism. Tom Joyner, HBCU professors and Africa-America are well aware that these chumps are SOOOO JEALOUS of Obama and MHP that they have green bile and bilirubin oozing out of their fatt heads. Speaking of fatt heads, “Hello Rocco” in the post above. How’s the tea party doing today? Fanteeking Kofi

  4. Rocco: As my teenage granddaughters would say, “Go somewhere and take two seats.” Corney and Tavis have disparaged Obama from day one. Tavis’ stupid poverty bus tour (with Corney) is blatant irony since HE got paid to help impoverish those folks who were looking for ways to save their homes. He laid down with dogs and got fleas. Perry has no reason to be jealous of him, and if you checked her credentials, you’d know better.

  5. Bit of a stretch, no? As much as I criticize Tavis, in this situation he was a paid spokesman for the company and I wouldn’t expect him to know what rates the companies charged on individual loans. They probably approached him with the idea of increasing minority homeownership and he ran with it. At the time, there were a lot of people; Sharpton, CBC, others who vigorously pushed the idea of homeownership. Dr. Harris should lament the fact that we have no trustworthy minority financial institutions that we can turn to for help.

  6. I’m not surprised and I’m not on television or the radio. Tavis Smiley
    (old juxtaposition himself)is so full of himself. He and the wild looking
    West are clearly self promotors and Obama haters. I think they are both
    jealous of President Obama’s intelligence, swagger, and popularity. What they fail to realize is that neither of them are in his league,not close.
    I think that they would do it to their people for the bucks and the ego trip. It saddens me to see anyone intentionally harm anyone, but to do it
    to your own people “makes me wanna hollar”.

  7. @PamT
    When did I ever say Perry was jealous of Tavis Smiley? And when has Smiley ever disparaged Pres Obama? He may have been critical of his policies, but what has he said to smear Barack Obama as a person? So are you suggesting that no one has the right to be critical of this president? If Smiley don’t like his foreign policy you get to call Smiley a sell out? If he disagrees with who he appoints to the supreme court you get to imply that Smiley’s a crook? If Smiley says Obama needs to focus on poverty that means he’s jealous of the president? Is Barack Obama now the sole representation of black thought and black progress to whom every negro must now bow? People disagree with presidents all the time. Obama knew that when he ran. It comes with the job. Citizens have the right to criticize any politician they like. Why do you need Obama to be exempt from criticism? Why do you (and MHP) feel the need to take a personal shot at someone for having an opinion other than you own? That’s childish and irrational. And you’re old enough to be someone’s grandmother? Grow up!

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