Sam Jackson Nearly Drops F-Bomb on SNL (Video)

Samuel L. Jackson drops in on SNL Saturday, December 15, 2012, and nearly drops the F-bomb.

The Saturday Night Live crew never fails to deliver the laughs…and we most certainly need some right now.  But, the cast had a visitor  that wasn’t billed on the show that abruptly mixed things up…for the fun of it.

Samuel L. Jackson made a cameo appearance that resulted in the biggest laughs of the night, but may have quite possibly cost the network a pretty penny in fines.

During a skit with Kenan Thompson where Thompson is the host of a show called “What Up with That?” Thompson is thanking his guests when he cuts off Sam Jackson and all hell breaks loose.

In Jackson fashion, he nearly drops the F-bomb (which he later took to Twitter to explain), but successfully said clearly for the world to hear:

“This is some bullshit!”

The incomparable, expert expletive slinging Jackson said in his Twitter message that it was actually Kenan Thompson who dropped the ball during the skit, according to the New York Daily News:

“I only said FUH,” he insisted, adding that Thompson was supposed to cut him off with his second eruption, but “blew it!!”

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