NBA and NFL Memorialize the Children of Sandy Hook Elementary School

Miami Heat stand with their children in a moment of silence before a game against the Washington Wizards Saturday night, December 15, 2012.

The country is still paralyzed with deep emotion over the many children that died in Newtown, Connecticut, Friday.  But since the professional sports world was expected to be business as usual, they took it upon themselves to let them know they are gone, but not forgotten.

The Miami Heat went up against the Washington Wizards in Miami beating them 102-72, but the win came second to the recognition the team gave to Newtown’s victims.

Both LeBron James and Dwyane Wade have children around the ages of the victims and, just as most parents, they were deeply impacted by the tragedy.  James and Wade decided to have a moment of silence on the court before starting the game and both of them,as well as Chris Bosh, brought their children on to the court.  They thought it was important that they share that moment with them, according to the Daily Mail:

“I couldn’t imagine being in the position some people are in right now,’ Bosh said. ‘It wasn’t like they were dropping their kids off in a dangerous situation. It was school.”

In addition to the moment they took before the game, James wrote “Newtown CT” on various places on his sneakers before playing in the game in dedication to the victims.  But the NBA players were not alone in their remembrance of the victims.

NFL New York Giants receiver Victor Cruz cleats memorialize one of his biggest fans with "R.I.P Jack Pinto"

In the NFL, New York Giants receiver Victor Cruz tweeted a personal message and photo to six-year-old Jack Pinto, one of his biggest fans, who was killed with his classmates.  Cruz said in his message:

“Today’s game is for you, Jack.”

The Both the New York Giants and New York Jets adorned their helmets with the letters ‘S.H.E.S.’ (Sandy Hook Elementary School).  And according to the NFL, the New England Patriots will have a special decal placed on their helmets.  Hats off to you all!

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-J.C. Brooks

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