Bizarre Photo Essay: Twins…That Are Not Related

Marie Chantal (left) and Nancy Paul...unrelated.

You must’ve started this sentence a million times, “I can’t believe how much you look just like…”  The world is full of twins that we know are not related.

Now photographer Francois Brunelle has produced one of the most unusual photo spreads you’ll ever see.  When you look at everyone in his collection, you will have to do a double take because you will certainly believe that every one of them are related.

The same...but different: Nathaniel (who did not give his last name) and Edward Toledo.

Mr Brunelle became a photographer 44 years ago and has beenaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa studying the human face for the entire span of his career. It’s unimaginable that he was able to assemble all of these people.

Stéphane Morin (left) and Claude-Simon Langlois are unrelated look-alikes.

Go here to view more of his pics.

-J.C. Brooks

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