There is a List of People We Never Knew Lived Among Us

#31 What can we say that the picture doesn't?

At one time, we thought that Walmart was the exclusive stompin’ grounds for aliens that live among us like those in Men in Black. But, through some intensive research, they weren’t hard to find and they are everywhere.

They’re folks like the lady with the longest toe nails anyone has ever seen, the girl who likes to blow-dry her teeth.  How about the dude that planked on a tiger.  And the chick that ate her own fist…yuck!  Well 43 sightings were posted on Buzzfeed’s “People You Won’t Believe Exist” and we’re just going to give you a few of the highlights.

The list looks much scarier than it sounds.  Check it out!

-J.C. Brooks

#26 Man in a bag on the bus.
#22 Guy brings his Xbox to prom.
#21 Quality time with grandma?
#30 Okaaaayyy.
#32 Satan needs something from Walmart.
#37 You think Doritos are her favorite snack?
#3 What? Maybe she had an audition for the cowardly lion in The Wiz on Broadway.
#2 How in thee hell did he get up there?
#17 This had to be a dare...or a facebook profile pic?
#10 These pants go with everything.

2 thoughts on “There is a List of People We Never Knew Lived Among Us”

  1. Uhm.. Yes, I am hoping these are all photoshopped. I may never eat cheese again.

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