NY Socialite Killed in Broad Daylight in Busy Midtown

Brandon Woodard pictured here checking a text that may have led him to this location where a shooter walks up behind him and shoots him, Wednesday, December 12, 2012.

The days of mob hits seem to have returned and the latest has shocked two coasts.

The son of Los Angeles wealthy businesswoman Sandra Wellington, was shot and killed Wednesday in broad daylight in New York City’s busy midtown area of W. 58th street, according to the Daily Mail.  Brandon Woodard, 31, was a well known socialite and promoter that was, as they say, born with a silver spoon in his mouth.  But, it’s obvious that wealth does not dictate that the person will lead a worry-free life.

Brandon Woodard, 31, was a promoter in NYC.

Woodard has only attended the best private schools and has been privileged to have the very best of everything, yet has a record longer than his arm with more than 20 arrests, including theft and drugs.  Some say he was trying to turn things around and was attending law school, but a remnant of his troubled past may have caught up with him.

A man is captured on surveillance camera getting out of a Lincoln MKX where he seemed to be waiting for Woodard.  The man walked up behind him and shot Woodard in the head once and ran away into the waiting getaway car that police later learned was a rental car rented by an unidentified couple and they have the suspect in custody.  They believe that the hit had something to do with drugs, but soap opera star of All My Children, Tonya Pinkins, believes that his mother may have some connection to what happened to her son.

Tonya Pinkins, known for her role on All My Children as Livia Frye, has charged Sandra Wellington with illegal business dealings.

Pinkins played Livia Frye on the soap and Wellington’s husband is Frye’s ex-boyfriend and her 16-year-old daughter’s father.  Pinkins said that she believes that she is involved in criminal activity.  She told Showbiz 411 that Wellington’s list of enemies is long … and it sounds like she’s one of them:

“We’ve been waiting for something like this…I’ve been trying to get the FBI, the US attorney to do something about this family for five years.” She says McBeth, now McBeth Reynolds– currently married to Pinkins’s ex and the father of her 16 year old daughter– has been a “big Black Collar criminal. She’s connected to judges, in my experience with her.”

So the plot thickens and the feud between Wellington and Pinkins will probably heat up as more information is discovered about Woodard’s life and his mother’s business affairs.  Read more here.

-J.C. Brooks

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