NYPD Officer Gets Fired for Pimpin’!

New York City Police Officer Monty Green, is fired for allegedly being a pimp during his free time.

Once again, we find a cop that may not have joined the force for the right reasons.  It appears that when this cop was a child and was asked what he wants to be when he grows up, police officer seemed more politically correct than yelling out “Pimp!”

Monty Green was fired from the New York Police Department for allegedly being a pimp, according to the New York Daily News.  His lawyer, Eric Sanders, says that he is going to sue the department.

“He’s going to sue in federal court,” Green’s lawyer, Eric Sanders, told The Daily News. “The dismissal is baseless. “You can’t base it on stereotypes and innuendo,” he added.

But this isn’t Green’s first go round with these allegations and it’s a wonder he’s still on the force after a sting in 2009.  Green was caught attempting to recruit an undercover officer named “Candy.”  Also, the Internal Affairs Bureau couldn’t push ahead with a case against Green because too many hookers were scared to testify against him.

And this is obvious because he’s also being charged with an incident in 2009, where he allegedly pulled a gun on a woman who dismissed his advances and probably told him to get out of her face!

Read more here on Pimp Monty Green. (He has the name for this profession, doesn’t he?) Watch out Denzel, they might have a new script headed your way.  You’re guaranteed an Oscar, if we have to judge from your success with Training Day.

-J.C. Brooks

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